F. A. Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the check-in/check out times?
Check in is Monday through Sunday no earlier than 3:00 p.m. and checkout is at 11:00 a.m.

2 . How do I get to the Institute?

We are located 3 hour drive and 20 minute flight from San Jose International Airport. Sansa Airlines operates inter-country flights daily. We offer $100 roundtrip car service in our Land Cruisers. Flights cost $70 to $100 one way.

3. What should I bring to the Imiloa Institute?
Don’t forget to pack: camera/batteries/charger, sneakers/hiking shoes, bug spray, pants and water bottle.

4. Do I need to rent a car?
If you choose to rent a car, you may do so in Quepos (after flying in) or in San Jose. Cost is $80-$120 daily. Only rent 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles if you rent a car. 

5. How far is it from Imiloa from the beach?
A ten minute drive approximately. 

6. Do you provide beach towels?
Yes, we provide beach and pool towels. Anything you may have forgotten such as essentials, we always have on hand for our guests. 

7. Are there any walks or hikes nearby?
The entire jungle is yours! The private road is great for hiking and there are adjacent acres to ours that you can explore endlessly. 

8 . Is there Wi-Fi?
Yes, high speed. 

9 . Are there safety boxes for personal belongings?
We do have safe deposit boxes in the rooms.

10 . What kind of staff do you have?
We have 5 star vegan chef, two cleaners and gardner that have been with the property almost a decade. Other on site staff includes Director of Retreats, Director of Property Management, the COO and other staff is hired as needed. 

}11. Do you offer laundry services?
Yes, $20 per load to wash, dry, fold and delivery.

12. Can I bring my children to Imiloa?
Please do.

13. Do you allow pets?
We only allow service dogs on the property. We have out-door cats for pest control. 

14. Who has held retreats or visited The Institute? 

Masters have included best-selling authors, spiritual and existential thinkers, CEO and leadership programs, men's intimacy workshops, tantric and eastern energy work thought leaders and many, many others.

15. What is the weather like in Dominical?
Beautiful! Even during the wetter time of the year, rain usually comes in in the late afternoon after sunny mornings and afternoons. Often times, it can help temper the workshops and offers a nice transition. It is jungle, warm (75-85 degrees year round). 

16. Is alcohol assumption and smoking permitted at The Imiloa Institute?
We are a plant based facility and do not provide alcohol for sale or consumption. We are a smoke-free facility as well. 

17. What forms of payment do you accept at Imiloa?
We accept all major credit checks, credit cards and PayPal. Prices are in US dollars.

18. What are the linens like in the rooms? 
Keeping in line with our 5 star "irreverent and introspective" approach at Imiloa, thread count is 850 and our beds and mattresses are comfy and homelike. 

19. And what about the cleaning products that you use? 

At Imiloa Institute not only do we provide organic bath products but we also go and beyond with our cleaning supplies ensuring that we are not damaging the environment. We are an environmental friendly campus and all of our products are clean to the environment.

20. What other activities can you book as part of our experience? 

So many activities within an hour's drive from The Institute. We are happy to price out and book all vendors for the Masters as our service to you. This includes seaplane, rafting, hiking, canyoning, catamaran boat tour, waterfalls, horseback riding, beach sunset horseback riding, snorkeling trip to Cano Island, boat trip to Corcovado National Park, whale watching tour (seasonal), zip lining canopy tours, ATV tours, waterfall hiking and camping, kayak tours by mangroves and awesome personalized surf lessons :-) 

21. If I book a retreat with you, what's the process after you say Yes?

We have a three part on boarding process to ensure 5 star quality and streamlined communication from your initial inquiry all the way to your final day. 


Discovery Call: That's when we decide if we want to work together. We answer questions and have some of our own. We start to consider what building out a retreat calendar will look like for you. Sometimes we have Discovery Call #1 and #2 if it's required. 

Shared Visions Meeting: This is where we've decided to work together and based on the information you've provided in the Discovery Call, we've put together a Proposal (which later becomes our contract) for working together. At the Shared Visions Meeting, many things are changing and molding based on reflections and the needs of the retreat and we actually go through the Proposal with you to change it in real time. This is the single most effective part of the process for super fluid alignment and abundance. At the end of this meeting, we'll schedule a Kick Off Meeting Time as well as share with you all the photo and video assets for promotion, and include you in our promotional schedule as well.  

Kick Off Meeting: Contract is signed, deposit is made, we now have a kick off meeting to finalize details, food menu options, and share with you our proprietary Retreat Dashboard where you can co-build your week's events, see it at a glance, and ensure that the flow is in alignment with what you're looking for. At the end of the Kick Off Meeting, we'll have scheduled two more meetings leading up to your first day at Imiloa. 



Jake Sasseville, Co-Founder and COO:


Beginning his career as the youngest host in late night TV history on ABC after Jimmy Kimmel Live! at age 21, Jake built an entertainment studio and production company in New York City. He produced late night TV, music tours with Kanye West, One Republic and J. Cole, revolutionized brand integrations and endorsements for entertainment and music and wrote his first book -- all by the age of 27. His 200+ episode podcast, The Jake Sasseville Show, is released weekly and has netted over 5 million downloads, and features radically truthful conversations with famous and not so famous folks, at the intersection of culture and consciousness. 

After moving to Maui just before his 29th birthday, Jake discovered the powerful relationships created in the intimacy of his home. He's opened it up to nearly 3,000 people over the last three years for retreats, corporate gatherings and individuals on sabbaticals. Over the last 13 months, Jake, Nadav and Jeff have launched "Compassionate Adventures," a real estate investment and management vehicle with over 130 apartments under management on the US mainland. 

Nadav Wilf, Co-Founder & CEO


Nadav considers himself a spiritual entrepreneur. He has built and sold two startups in the online advertising space. 

After his last sale, he realized he wasn't fulfilled which took him on a journey to find his passion, in what he calls the Passion Pivot

In addition to The Imiloa Institute and Compassionate Adventures, Nadav is Chief Lifestylist and Founder of LifestylePerfected.co where he coaches founders and CEOs in the social impact space and influencers with 1+ MM followings on social media. He focuses on creating a world of abundance through exponential technologies and spiritual practices. Nadav is excited about creating transformative experiences at the Institute. 

Jeff Smith, Co-Founder

jeff smithyyyy.jpeg

Jeff Smith is a heart-centered entrepreneur whose journey has taken him from being homeless as a child to creating impact businesses that have changed his life and those of thousands of others, including building Recovery Brands, the largest provider of consumer resources and treatment referrals for those suffering from addiction and behavioral health challenges.

In recent years Jeff has turned his attention toward the world of influencer marketing, creating influence.co a LinkedIn for influencers with a combined reach of 1.4 billion, and is currently developing several purpose-driven e-commerce brands in the vitamin and beauty spaces. He enjoys travel, music festivals, meditation and helping others succeed. 

India Maya, VP Retreat and Experience


India is indiginous Costa Rican and comes to The Imiloa Institute after heading new business development at a French ad agency in Toronto. 

She has been involved in many startup companies from software gaming, e-commerce, headhunting companies managing the business development, sales and marketing strategies along with operational procedures.  

A graduate of Harvard, she decided to leave the mainstream advertising world and return to her roots. A vegan surfer, India is a master of hospitality, marketing and creating experiences that have a higher purpose. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and sincerely looks forward to get to know you. 



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