Inter-Generational Living

As society grows more disparate and desperate for community, Inter-Generational Community Living, and providing integrated and affordable housing for locals who in return are stewards of the land along with us, is going to become crucial in the advancement of humanity.


The Imiloa Institute hand-selects year-round inter-generational residents who are families local to Costa Rica. Each family brings their expertise to offer as service and a commitment to sharing it and themselves with guests from around the world.


The Origins of this part of Our Vision

Part of Costa Rica is a "Blue Zone." Blue Zones are regions of the world where people commonly live past 100 years.

Costa Rica is one of five countries classified in the world to have a blue zone.

In Okinawa, just south of Japan, their citizens have the longest lifespans. The reason is due in large part to living in inter-generational community. Not just any community - but an inter-generational community, giving younger people access to accumulated wisdom, and the elderly have access to a lively environment.

Inspired by this idea and the wisdom that older generations offer the energy of younger ones, The Imiloa Institute's pilot project is Costa Rica, with an eye set on expanding throughout the globe.