(New branding:)

(New branding:)

Dominical, Costa Rica

Intercontinental Institute for the Advancement of Humanity


The Opportunity

On June 1st, 2018 we purchased and are profitably enjoying operating Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica. We are so grateful, proud and enjoying this journey together.

It’s going beautifully and much better than we projected with 17 retreats already booked in 6 months.

Here’s what retreat holders are saying:

Tera Maxwell - “Imiloa is the Ritz Carlton of transformation”

Quddus Philippe - “Imiloa is heaven on earth”

Juan Pablo Barahona - “Imiloa is one of the best retreat centers in the world”

We are closing a final friends and family round of $950,000, with $50,000 left, to complete the additional 12 luxury (6 completed) accommodations, social space (completed), and tipi all currently under construction to meet our huge demand from retreat masters for 30+ person retreats.

We are clear that we have a top in class global venue, team and natural environment that has been created from our hearts for the hearts of all of us in the world.

Sales Overview:

  1. 19 luxury accommodations renting at $450 per night each + world class facilities on 20 acres with ocean view for $2,450,000 total purchase price inclusive of construction costs.

  2. $2,400,000 already funded, completing with $50,000 more funding at a 8% annual return.

  3. $111,000 in revenue received on $50,000 projections for January 2019, $71,000 over goal and 222% over goal.

  4. We have become profitable earlier than planned with 14 retreats booked and over $475,000 for 2019 contracted revenue thus far with $150,000 already received in payments.

  5. On track for projected $350,000 to $650,000 in net profits after all note payments in 2019.

  6. At this net income our valuation is between $4 million to $7 million according to a 8%-10% cap rate.

  7. This is a 14.5% to 27.5% cap rate after note interest payments (net income over cost of property)

  8. Our minimum revenue projections for 2019 are $806,000, producing $350,000 in net income.

  9. As of January 2019, we are at $451,000 or 59% of our $806,000 minimum revenue goal for 2019. (if they add more people amount will go up)

  10. Total in vacation rental revenue for 2019 thus far is $24,000 (We average $12,000 a mo, we’ve blocked off many dates there are retreats already booked)

  11. We have $929,450 in the sales pipeline

  12. We have $24,000 booked in vacation rental revenue

  13. Total Booked Revenue for 2019: $475,000

  14. Our total projected expenses for 36 retreats including notes payments for 2019 is: $452,732

  15. This means we are in profit of $23,000 for 2019 from our 12 retreats and the remaining retreats booked will be primarily profit because the variable expenses for all the 36 retreats are included in the $452,732 2019 expense number.

  16. We have a great Director of Marketing hired and Jake, the co founder, is doing sales through 2019 to ensure our success.

  17. We have produced all these results without our marketing strategy full launched yet. It is in month 2. This has purely been network and word of mouth based on the amazing product.

    We are in an a great sales position for 2019 and just getting started.


    1. We have assembled an incredible and loving team of 10 who are enjoying the journey of building Imiloa and serving our customers.

    2. They have consistently gotten 5 star reviews from the 5 retreat holders in our surveys and their 100+ attendees

      Here is a testimonial from Tera Maxwell who has held 2 retreats at Imiloa already:

Construction: (Images and details down the page)

  1. Due to this beautiful demand, we are completing construction for 12 new luxury accommodations, 6 geodesic domes (complete), 6 waterfall bungalows, 2 rooms for facilitators (complete) and a social space (complete). For a total of 19 rooms sleeping up to 51 people depending on single, double or quadruple accommodations.

  2. 6 Bungalows complete February 20th.

  3. The rooms are priced and selling at $450 per night

  4. We have found a waterfall on the property hidden in the jungle we didn’t know was there when we originally surveyed the land. We built 250 stairs so now it’s easily accessible and apart of the Imiloa Experience with domes along the path.

We are now completing a FINAL friends and family round to complete the new construction.

  1. Allocation of $950,000 of which $900,000 is funded and $50,000 is left.

  2. 3 year note with 8% annual interest paid quarterly secured by the asset for investments $25,000-$99,000.

  3. 2.5% in equity for every $100,000 invested. This is at $4 million valuation, returns projected at 8-12%+ for 2019.

  4. Imiloa has option to pay principle monthly or balloon payment at end of 3 year period.

  5. 5 days free stay annually for you and a guest

  6. 10% off any retreats you would like to attend at Imiloa Institute

  7. 10% off any nightly rate up to 20 days a year for your or your friends

  8. Financials available at bottom of the page.

If you are ready to join the Imiloa Family, please email Nadav@imiloainstitute.com, Jake@imiloainstitute.com to set up a Discovery Call.

We are over the moon and back about what’s happening. And of course, we welcome you to stay with us anytime.


The Imiloa Family

Map of Imiloa Institute

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-02 at 11.56.12 PM.jpeg

Construction: What is this funding going to?

  • We planned for 2 retreats per month at 15 people and have had capacity for this, what we have been seeing is 3 retreats per month at 20-40 people. To meet demand we have began construction of 12 new accommodations and a social space. We are proud to share that we maintain all trees in our construction, we do not cut down and part of the forest.

  • 6 Luxury Bungalows with ensuite bathroom, soaking tub and shower, and balcony with hammock looking out to the jungle (Complete 2/20/2019)

  • 6 Luxury Geodesic domes with personal bathroom and shower, solar powered fan, all along the trail to the waterfall (Complete and in use)

  • Social Space with gourmet kitchen, dining area, moroccan lounge area, dance floor and balcony overlooking the jungle and ocean (This is now complete and in use)


As you can imagine we are excited about the resulting space that Imiloa Institute Costa Rica is with the entire 20 acres of forest, facilities, waterfall, accommodations and social spaces. It’s a world class retreat center that is magnetizing incredible people and continue to be profitable.

Overview of Imiloa Institute Costa Rica


The first setting for our Intercontinental Institutes for the Advancement of Humanity, Dominical is gorgeous, both in its wild preservation of the natural environment and its up and coming community.

Easily accessible from San Jose International Airport, The Imiloa Institute is 20 minutes by flight or just under 4 hours by car, standard for beach locations in Costa Rica.

We love and are aligned with Costa Rica as a country for Imiloa Institute because:

  • It runs 100% on renewable energy

  • Ecotourism and natural preservation is one of it’s largest industries

  • And the "Pura Vida" (Pure Life) vibe resonates to us 

  • It has a large focus on transformational personal development

  • The area of Dominical is being bought by high end developers creating boho chic properties which will make this a destination for high end conscious tourists and increase the value of the property. 


The Property


This majestic, one of a kind 20-acre private mountain- top property, with 180 degree sunset ocean views overlooking the entire Pacific from Manuel Antonio in the north to the Osa Peninsula and Cano Island in the south.

Very private end of the road location on top of a ridge line surrounded by 1,000 acres of primary jungle teaming with  wildlife. At more than 1 mile up the mountain on a well-maintained road, Imiloa is an Institute that shines as a beacon of light in the world.

The property boasts a diverse ecosystem of animals, plants and fruit trees co existing beautifully. There are fruit trees such as Papayas, Mangosteen, Anonas, Guanabanas and about 3,000 Pineapples. So we hope you brought you appetite.

A 1,200 square foot greenhouse will be re-screened back to life with dozens of raised garden beds ready for fresh produce and a separate area for no-kill animals such as chickens.


We Loved This Opportunity Compared to the Many of the Properties We Did Due Diligence On:

  • It's absolutely stunning architecture, vibe and landscape provides a unique experience that isn’t comparable with other properties.

  • We know we make money when we buy and we purchased it for $700,000/31% less than the original asking price.

  • The property is profitable and in operation from day one. It had an existing retreat and short term rental business (5 star AirBnB ratings) , which we have come in and doubled prices while still maintaining increased occupancy rates. We have maintained a 5-star reviews experience for all AirBnB guests.

  • Our existing staff is literally family, brothers, sisters, cousins who love working at Imiloa and have been with the property for years.

  • We have excellent construction team for these additional build outs of the 12 rooms

  • Costa Rica is very safe and the laws are foreigner friendly for land and property ownership.

The Three Pillars of the Institute

Scalable around the world, and animated by the idea that ¨the world is but one country, and man-kind its citizens¨ (Bahá'u'lláh), our Costa Rican flagship property features the three pillars that are found at each Institute:

  1. Our House of Masters: Workshop and education center for retreats, individual, collective, and other educational, transformational, and creative explorations. (examples include corporate gatherings, best-selling author retreats, workshops, intensives among others) 

  2. Our Inter-Generational Community Living Design: Local Costa Ricans living on and serving as stewards of the land, the agricultural activities, welcoming and participating with guests and attendees and creating an overall intimate environment from which to learn, play and create. 

  3. Our Edible Forest and Permaculture Energy Source: Our edible forest is a focal point of nourishing both play and work for our guests.

IMG_0144 (2).JPG

The Infastructure

  • 5 Structures currently, totaling 12,000 square feet of living space, 6 bathrooms, room for sleeping up to 25, including a private Master´s Suite for those coming on retreat

  • 5 additional single/double occupancy tree house tiny homes will be constructed within 6 months (Seller is our friend and an engineer, with a factory in Dominical able to easily and affordably produce the units). 

  • A large infinity pool overlooking the ocean with full sunset views

  • A spa, massage area and dipping pool

  • A 1,000 square foot treehouse Master´s Pavillion for our yoga, dance, and other workshops, suspended over 100 feet in the air, with His and Her bathrooms, and jungle paths connecting attendees to and from other parts of the property

  • New Social Space including full kitchen, dining area, lounge, dance floor, workshop area and deck.

  • Waterfall with new stairs with trail leading to it

  • Original Batavia furniture with reclaimed take table, along with original door entrances brought in from Java and over a hundred years old

  • Electric is underground throughout the property

  • Three water sources on property

  • Solar energy currently powering one structure (with others to follow)

  • Staff included (chef, cleaning crew, construction and project manager) 

  • Grounds meticulously kept, jungle bridges and pathways, monkeys and birds living interdependently with guests and residents.

  • Fibre Optic Internet gets delivered from the highway with high-speed wireless antennas to each house at a speed currently of 6Meg/sec and can be upgraded to a max of 100 Meg/sec.


The Master´s Pavillion and Heart of the Institute

As a “House of Masters” we wanted our Masters to have room to roam and co-create with attendees, be sheltered yet exposed to the jungle, and be separate from sleeping, relaxation or social environments on the property.

Our 1,000+ sq/ft Masters Pavillion is all of this and it´s raised over ONE HUNDRED FEET in the air in the jungle, outfitted with His and Her bathrooms just off the jungle bridge walkway.

The space serves as our ¨swing space¨ -- couches, yoga mats, tools, A-V system and anything else you´d need for a multi-day workshop or retreat.

The Financials

In addition to the profitable existing business on this property, we leverage our experience for outstanding 5-figure grossing weekly retreats and workshops for corporate, spiritual, fitness, publishing and other categories. 

With current retreat demand higher than we can source, alongside an already successful Airbnb business on this property, we have been improving the operations and increasing profitability in the following simple ways:

  • We’ve doubled AirBnB pricing which was currently below market rate

  • We’ve scale the retreat business to 2-3 20+ person retreats per month (projected 2 15 person retreats per month) through our in-house business development and marketing expertise. List building, outreach and exceptional service and experience onsite leading to repeat business.

  • We’ve created a Masters Directory of all the top masters of the world which we invite to host retreats and also act as an agent to corporate retreat holders, curating retreat leaders for their executive retreats.

  • Creating a media hub on our new website creating online content that will be resold.

  • Utilizing our network of Social Media Influencers with 1 mil+ audiences to market the property.


Key Financial Information and The Investment Opportunity

  • Asking Price: $1,750,000 from $2.2 million original

  • Purchase Price: $1,500,000

  • Difference Between Original and Purchase Price: $700,000 and 31%

  • Investment Raised To Date:  $2,100,000

    New Construction Phase 2 Investment

  • Company is profitable with a 20%-30% cap rate

  • New Construction Budget for 12 accommodations, social space, Masters Quarters, tipi, jungle paths and more: $950,000

  • Remaining Investment Available: $89,000

  • Minimum Investment: $25,000

  • 3 year note with 8% annual interest paid quarterly secured by the asset for investments $25,000-$99,000.

  • 2.5% in equity for every $100,000 invested

  • Imiloa has option to pay principle monthly or balloon payment at end of 3 year period.

  • 5 days free stay annually for you and a guest

  • 10% off any retreats you would like to attend at Imiloa Institute

  • 10% off any nightly rate up to 20 days a year for your or your friends

  • Financials available upon request


  • Projecting 36 retreats, $806,000 in revenue, 14 retreats and $475,000 in revenue already booked.

  • $355,000 to $650,000 in net profits (after all note payments) in 2019

  • We have already contracted 17 with 38+ for $929,450 revenue currently in the pipeline

  • Marketing began in December. We’ve created a directory of Masters in all disciplines who we have been inviting to host.

  • Sleeps between 19 as single accommodations, 38 in double and up to 51 with additional quadruple accommodations to make it affordable for all.

  • Overall projections have us at 14.5-27%%+ cap rates per year, with a healthy contingency per month, and a doubled contingency during the more wet part of the year. Meaning we will likely do better.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 7.36.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 7.36.25 AM.png

As you can see we have a robust financial model and repayment plan. We are feeling great about the profitable results so far and looking forward to continuing to grow one of the best retreat centers in the world.

Below are just a handful of the AirBnB stay 5 star reviews


Our Commitment to You, the Investor

  • Simplicity in Vision. Our vision is deeply rooted in our simple origins: Jake moved to Maui with the vision of having a home where the world would come to meet.

  • Integrity. We pride ourselves on living by the highest integrity. We provide you with all information, history and insights for the investment.

  • Love and Compassion. We operate from a place of love and compassion and our 5-star AirBnb and retreat reviews and the demand for business are reflective of this value.With these simple values, we've seen success in meeting our revenue and net income projections since 2015. We have 95% occupancy based on a 30-day calendar and a dozen major retreats in the pipeline from now through 2018.


jake photog nyc.jpg

Jake Sasseville, Co-Founder and President:
Beginning his career as the youngest host in late night TV history on ABC after Jimmy Kimmel Live! at age 21, Jake built an entertainment studio and production company in New York City. He produced late night TV, music tours with Kanye West, One Republic and J. Cole, revolutionized brand integrations and endorsements for entertainment and music and wrote his first book -- all by the age of 27. His 200+ episode podcast, The Jake Sasseville Show, is released weekly and has netted over 5 million downloads, and features radically truthful conversations with famous and not so famous folks, at the intersection of culture and consciousness. 

After moving to Maui just before his 29th birthday, Jake discovered the powerful relationships created in the intimacy of his home. He's opened it up to nearly 3,000 people over the last three years for retreats, corporate gatherings and individuals on sabbaticals. Over the last 13 months, Jake, Nadav and Jeff have launched "Compassionate Adventures," a real estate investment and management vehicle with over 130 apartments under management on the US mainland. 

Nadav Wilf, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO:

Nadav considers himself a spiritual entrepreneur. He has built and sold two startups in the online advertising space. 

After his last sale, he realized he wasn't fulfilled which took him on a journey to find his passion, in what he calls the Passion Pivot

In addition to The Imiloa Institute and Compassionate Adventures, Nadav is Chief Lifestylist and Founder of LifestylePerfected.co where he coaches founders and CEOs in the social impact space and influencers with 1+ MM followings on social media. He focuses on creating a world of abundance through exponential technologies and spiritual practices. Nadav is excited about creating transformative experiences at the Institute. 

Jeff Smith, Co-Founder and Advisor

jeff smithyyyy.jpeg

Jeff Smith is a heart-centered entrepreneur whose journey has taken him from being homeless as a child to creating impact businesses that have changed his life and those of thousands of others, including building Recovery Brands, the largest provider of consumer resources and treatment referrals for those suffering from addiction and behavioral health challenges.

In recent years Jeff has turned his attention toward the world of influencer marketing, creating influence.co a LinkedIn for influencers with a combined reach of 1.4 billion, and is currently developing several purpose-driven e-commerce brands in the vitamin and beauty spaces. He enjoys travel, music festivals, meditation and helping others succeed. 

India Maya Director of Operations

Matthew Christodoulou - Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

We are over the moon with how this is going and excited for the next steps.

Here's to happy vibes and wealth creation.

Please contact us to request your term sheet

Nadav Wilf - nadav@ImiloaInstitute.com

Jake Sasseville - jake@ImiloaInstitute.com